Camp Stover is a ‘Church of the Brethren’ Church Camp. It is run by and for the Idaho District Church of the Brethren. The purpose of the Camp is to get closer with our God and Praise him. It is also a wonderful retreat from the everyday pressures of life.

There are many privately owned cabins. You must be a member in good standing of one of the Idaho District Churches and live in the Idaho District to own a cabin. There are also many cabins owned by the Camp itself and by each of the District Churches. These are availble to be rented by any Church Member. To rent a cabin please contact your Church office or Pastor. We also have a multi-room cabin “Amsy Bollinger Cabin” that can be rented for family functions.

Camp Stover Church Camp is an inter-generational camp, that is to say all ages are in camp at the same time. Some activities are inclusive of the whole camp, such as morning meditations, campfires, meals, church service and recreational activities. Other activities are by age groups:
Preschool- Ages 3-5 by Sept. 1st 2020 (Must be accompanied by an adult)
Primary 6 years old by Sept. 1st 2020 (Must be accompanied by an adult)
Juniors 9 years old by Sept. 1st 2020
Junior High 12 years old by Sept. 1st 2020
Youth 15 years old by Sept. 1st 2020
Young Adult-Second Summer after Graduation and Up
Contact your local Brethren Church for Camper Scholarships for Grades 4 – 12.

Camp Stover Events and Reservations
Linda Goering


At the present time, the camp will be closed to all large gatherings but is available for limited access to use private cabins. This is not done out of fear but out of a desire to protect each of you. Camp Stover facilities must remain closed to the general public until the Camp Stover Board determines we can operate safely.

As you can imagine, not opening camp will have a significant effect on our financial situation. As we move forward, you may receive a letter or email requesting your financial support at this trying time. If you are able to make a contribution of any amount, please know that each donation will be greatly appreciated.

Until we are able to be together again, stay safe, be well, and remember Camp Wilbur Stover in your prayers.
The Camp Wilbur Stover Board

Camp Wilbur Stover
3280 Keska Lane
New Meadows, ID 83654
 Events and Reservations
Linda Goering