Memorial Weekend Work Schedule 2021

Please pick a project (s) for this work weekend and sign your name. This way we know who is doing what.

  1. Install Camp Sign on Highway 55: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  2. Install all removed area signs: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  3. Fix and Repair the announcement Board by dining hall___________________
  4. Finish the Snavley Cabin repairs, and prep for cleaning: Done! Byron and Kris
  5. Repaint and finish installing Registration box: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  6. Clean Dining hall All tables, benches and chairs windows: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  7. Clean East bathrooms: Done! Nicole and Levi
  8. Clean Middle bathrooms: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  9. Clean West bathrooms: Done! Dominic and Christina
  10. Put tables and benches out in front of Dining Hall: Done! Dominic, Christina, Nicole,Daniel and Levi
  11. Setup Awning in front of Dining Hall: Done Dominic, Christina, Nicole,Daniel and Levi
  12. Set up recycle center: Done! Taken down as no recycling in town
  13. Put out park benches around camp: Done! Dominic, Steven and Daniel
  14. Rake pine needles around dining room: Done! Andrew, Nicole and Levi
  15. Rake pine needles around Alexander Mac: Andrew, Nicole and Levi
  16. Rake pine needles around shower house: Done! Andrew, Nicole and Levi
  17. Rake pine needles around craft house: Done! Nicole and Levi
  18. Rake pine needles around worship center: Done! Maxine, Lil Gilbert, Amirah, Alex
  19. Rake pine needles around Amsey Bollinger Complex: _______________________
  20. Pickup pine needles around camp and take to the burn pile: Continuing Byron and Kris
  21. Clean shower house: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  22. Clean Primary and Pre-K classroom  ____________________________________
  23. Clean JR Cabins and young adult: Continuing Pat and Terry
  24. Clean Jr High cabins: Done! Dominic, Christina, Maxine and Gilbert
  25. Clean High School Cabins: Done! Nicole, Daniel and Levi
  26. Clean Amsey Bollinger Complex: ______________________________________
  27. Wipe down and sweep Worship Center_________________________________
  28. Refill wood shed for the Amsey building________________________________
  29. Clean and inspect all campfire pit areas: Done! Dominic and Daniel
    *Campfire areas should meet this minimal standard:level spot away from overhanging branches, brush, or dry grass. Keep away from the base of a hill. Escaped fires travel uphill fast. With a shovel, clear a circle al least 10 feet wide down to bare dirt. Fire pit  depth 10” or less and no more than 3 feet across at the center of the cleared circle. 
  30. Spray Ground Clear around the main campfire pit: Daniel
  31.  Replace water lines in middle shower house: Continuing Dominic and Daniel

Remember all churches are responsible for cleaning and raking around their assigned district cabins as well as their Church Cabins.

Crumpacker – Bowmont ________________________________________________

Laura Sewell – Fruitland: Done! Lorraine and Granddaughter

Johnston Cabin – Boise Valley____________________________________________

Ametta Mow – Nampa__________________________________________________

Snavely – Mountain View________________________________________________