Much was accomplished over Memorial Day weekend as well as the following week.
There are a few things left to get done before Camp Week so if you have free time to pitch in knock these last projects out it will be most appreciated!!!

  1. Install Camp Sign on Highway 55: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  2. Install all removed area signs: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  3. Fix and Repair the announcement Board by dining hall___________________
  4. Finish the Snavley Cabin repairs, and prep for cleaning: Done! Byron and Kris
  5. Repaint and finish installing Registration box: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  6. Clean Dining hall All tables, benches and chairs windows: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  7. Clean East bathrooms: Done! Nicole and Levi
  8. Clean Middle bathrooms: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  9. Clean West bathrooms: Done! Dominic and Christina
  10. Put tables and benches out in front of Dining Hall: Done! Dominic, Christina, Nicole,Daniel and Levi
  11. Setup Awning in front of Dining Hall: Done Dominic, Christina, Nicole,Daniel and Levi
  12. Set up recycle center: Done! Taken down as no recycling in town
  13. Put out park benches around camp: Done! Dominic, Steven and Daniel
  14. Rake pine needles around dining room: Done! Andrew, Nicole and Levi
  15. Rake pine needles around Alexander Mac: Andrew, Nicole and Levi
  16. Rake pine needles around shower house: Done! Andrew, Nicole and Levi
  17. Rake pine needles around craft house: Done! Nicole and Levi
  18. Rake pine needles around worship center: Done! Maxine, Lil Gilbert, Amirah, Alex
  19. Rake pine needles around Amsey Bollinger Complex: _______________________
  20. Pickup pine needles around camp and take to the burn pile: Continuing Byron and Kris
  21. Clean shower house: Done! Dominic and Daniel
  22. Clean Primary and Pre-K classroom  ____________________________________
  23. Clean JR Cabins and young adult: Continuing Pat and Terry
  24. Clean Jr High cabins: Done! Dominic, Christina, Maxine and Gilbert
  25. Clean High School Cabins: Done! Nicole, Daniel and Levi
  26. Clean Amsey Bollinger Complex: ______________________________________
  27. Wipe down and sweep Worship Center_________________________________
  28. Refill wood shed for the Amsey building________________________________
  29. Clean and inspect all campfire pit areas: Done! Dominic and Daniel
    *Campfire areas should meet this minimal standard:level spot away from overhanging branches, brush, or dry grass. Keep away from the base of a hill. Escaped fires travel uphill fast. With a shovel, clear a circle al least 10 feet wide down to bare dirt. Fire pit  depth 10” or less and no more than 3 feet across at the center of the cleared circle. 
  30. Spray Ground Clear around the main campfire pit: Daniel
  31.  Replace water lines in middle shower house: Continuing Dominic and Daniel

Remember all churches are responsible for cleaning and raking around their assigned district cabins as well as their Church Cabins.

Crumpacker – Bowmont ________________________________________________

Laura Sewell – Fruitland: Done! Lorraine and Granddaughter

Johnston Cabin – Boise Valley____________________________________________

Ametta Mow – Nampa__________________________________________________

Snavely – Mountain View________________________________________________